April 7, 2021

The NorCal Rapist Victims

The NorCal Rapist Victims

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We are in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding counties. Sacramento is kind of centered East/West-wise in California, but in the northern part of the state. Hence the name that we're talking about here: the North California rapist .. NorCal. It's under 2 hours drive to San  Francisco, but it’s about 8.5 hours south to Los Angeles. Sacramento is the capital of the state, and the Metro area which is not just Sacramento but the surrounding Urban areas totals at about 1.5 million people back in the mid-2000s. Not all of these victims are not in this particular area but that just gives you an idea of how packed this area is.


This guy has a type: He starts with white women but soon enough, beacons targeting young Asian women. And he has an MO, stalking his victims beforehand to be sure he can spend hour with them uninterrupted, most often using some kind of ski mask or face mask. There are times when, victims do get a look at him and they describe him as white, 37 to 40 years old and weighing 200 to 250 pounds with a pronounced gut


So he starts his terror spree in the summer of 1991 and the first four victims are actually farther east than Sacramento. Those populations are lower, ranging from about 30,000 to 100000 at the time. I'm not going to  review all the details for all the victims because that's just too much for us, but  we're going to go over a number of them and these details were given in their Court testimonies just this last autumn. 


#1 Rohnert Park - June 22, 1991. Victim is a 21 year old hair stylist, And she's falling asleep on a couch in the living room in her condo, where she lives alone.. A man breaks in, tapes over her eyes and pulls her upstairs to her bedroom, then goes back out it is boombox!  When it comes back he feels her “At that point, he said these are our songs, these are our love songs.” He also tells her how tall her ex-boyfriend is. He tells her where she works and that he knows she leaves her side door unlocked during the day while she's at work.  He holds her captive for 5 hours, rapes her 3 times, and kisses her as if this is a consensual encounter. He lays next to her at times like they’re cuddling, and tells her “I’m sorry for doing this. I’ve never done this before and I’ll never do it again, I promise.” When he finally decides that he's done, he binds her wrists up and has her give up her ATM card and pin number. He tells her not to try to escape until at least three songs have played on the boombox, To give him enough time to steal her money! And as he left he said,  ‘You should lock your doors from now on. Someone might come in and try to hurt you.’” What a POS.


#2 Sonoma - 1991


#3 Vallejo - Feb 1992. Victim lives alone, and was very aware seeking safety precautions.  taking safety precautions. She even locks the bedroom door at night. She even locks her own bedroom door at night, In addition to the outside doors.  But on this night she hears something the weeks are up, and she leaves her room to investigate, and there's a man hiding behind her bedroom door, And then the attack again. Her attack will last for 6 hours. This time he has a knife with him. That she had tried to escape from the window but he was able to keep her inside oh, so she decides she's going to try to defend herself with that knife. should be able to break off the tip  or trying to grab it from him, you should cut yourself of course but she also is able to break off a piece of the knife and she stabs him in the face with it. It's not a deep stab but she believes she left a mark about his right eye, and she does draw blood. Now during the long hours attack,  this piece of s***  comes and goes from the bedroom, rummaging around the house.  Later after he leaves,  she comes across her address book. He had left it open to the page where  her mother's address is, and he had pointed an arrow to it and written “don't call the cops.” OMG!!!!


#4 Martinez - And this whole time he's been traveling Southeast. At this point he is about an hour's drive from his first victim. It's Halloween night 1996. Apparently he thought this is a perfect time to get someone to answer the door for him seeing as how he can cover his face.  So he puts on a skeleton mask and knocks on her door. He breaks in as soon as she opens the door and thus begins  her attack.  20d later this POS would call to apologize.. Wait what? Don't worry we'll get to that. 


#5 Woodland - 1996


#6&7 Davis - Jan 1997 students at University of California. Same MO - he breaks in, terrorizes them, restrains them, rapes them for hours. Now, he was able to clean up the scene enough before leaving here, so police were not able to find any DNA. But we do have many of the same circumstances as in the other rapes without that DNA, so we feel secure that he is the same guy in this attack. This is right in the middle of his rape spray from  1981 through 2006 and these are young women, he's wearing a mask,  he carries them like a fireman over his shoulder when he takes them form room to room. Just like since the beginning, back in 1991, he’s kissing them all over - over the duct tape on their mouth, over their arms and legs and anywhere else  he feels like when he's  assaulting them. the way he speaks to them in a calm soothing voice Erie and similar to the other rape cases. and of course he also demands their ATM cards and pin numbers, then binds them up with duct tape before he leaves. So he might have taken some extra time to clean up messing with them, but he left enough signatures that the police are going to recognize him for who he is.

#8 Chico  - July 1997 when he assaulted a 21yo psych student at Chico State University, breaks into her house while she's sleeping..  ties her up, an attack goes to the motions as he had done in the past. 

The victim did an interview in December of last year, just a few months ago. She had been tied up and he’d left the room, she got free, he came back tied her up again. Then he left again, and she got free again. Lucky for her she didn't pass how to tie a knot class. At that point he did have  his mask off and she was able to see his face.   she's a fighter, and she tells him, “ You better run,  I'm going to get you, you better leave.” At first she thought he would, but then he started coming after her. Once he grabs a hold of her and I'm struggling, she's able to grab a pair of scissors and starts stabbing him. “ I didn't have it in me to kill him. I could have killed him off but I didn't have it in me.” 

Here we have not only his semen left behind, but also there are blood samples   at the scene. 

#9 Davis - 2000 The only we know about this victim is she is 22 and she is of Asian descent.

#10/11 Sacramento - This is the last known attack: Oct. 13, 2006, assault on two women inside a North Natomas home - 12 counts total. He ““took the victims to separate bathrooms and washed their entire bodies.” A month later, one of the women will give an anonymous interview: “Even now, I can still feel the barrel of the gun pushing against my head to my surprise,” the woman said in November 2006. “All I could think about was that I wanted this stranger to just leave my house, the only place where I thought, or we all think, as the safest place on earth.”

One of his victims will read a statement in November of 2006 about the attack and her feelings..

She's twenty-four, and described as petite and an Asian American Woman. but of course she's not named. She tells us, quote even now I can still feel the barrel of the gun pushing against my head to my surprise. All I could think about was that I just wanted the stranger to leave my house, the only place where I thought, or we all think, is the safest place on Earth.” She tells the Press but she sleeps with a stun gun and she's going to do so until he is caught.  So sad though, that it's going to take 13 years  for that too happen. She also tells him she carries pepper spray with her now.  at this point police have been able to link this asshole to 9 prior attacks by his DNA.  so at least we have the DNA all locked together in CODIS’s  victim  Database. So if we can solve one we can solve the rest.

Based on a neighborhood security camera, the police think he was driving a white Toyota 4Runner. So Police collect registered vehicle information for the area of  owners of white 4Runners. They interview any of these owners on their list, and rule them out. DNA some ruled out because their physical description or other characteristics did not match. 

This is another  similarity aside from his DNA, and wearing a face mask… The 1997 attack Gives us a screen grab from an ATM surveillance camera. And it's  so freaky. Apparently he was there at like 7 in the morning taking money out. He also steals personal items from the victim's houses  when he feels like it.

Oh and let's not forget this.. To add insult to injury, he's also apologizing during these attacks. What the hell what's worse a person who's happy to rape you, or person who's crying about raping you while he's doing it and thinking about it later and then calling you to apologize for it? Do you really need to hear the apology two weeks later even though you still don't know who he is and he's still out on the streets?  Now, he may have been tormented we all have our Cravings addictions works whatever it is thankfully most of us  are more prone to coffee and chocolate or video games, not breathing murder. Or, with his apologies completely insincere? Snarky mocking the victims even more? And to call a victim weeks after an attack but not turning himself in...that’s a sadistic sonofabitch.

2006 - Halloween victim… Contra Costa District Attorney files charges against “john doe,” the owner of the dna left at the scene, and discovered in the rape kit.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and Police Chief Daniel Hahn entered DNA profile into GEDmatch. Found a strong centimorgan match, and created a family tree. This particular family member was about the same age and physical build as the victims described him, and did live in the area at that time. They looked into him a bit more closely and found he owned guns… and they were the same types the rapists victims claimed he brandished during the attacks. 

Picked up a discarded straw, and that marched to 2 rape kits from victims in Natomas in October 2006. And lo and behold everything matches. And they pick him up as he walks into work at the University of California Berkeley.  Take him to the station and interrogate him for a while of course. And just like any other interrogation, they leave him alone to his thoughts by himself in the room from time to time. Surveillance video shows multiple times he tried to use the strings it was ready to hang himself from the door of the interrogation room. Sounds like something a guilty man would, doesn't it?

And on September 21, 2018 Sacramento County Police Dept announced the arrest of  Roy Charles Waller as the NorCal Rapist, claiming at least 10 victims.

Who is Roy Charles Waller?? Who is this piece of shit?

I was not able to find anything in the old timey newspapers about his growing up, or any criminal background history. There was mention of an arrest for an attempted kidnapping in the early 90s, when his rape spree started. But charges were not officially brought against him, so he was let go. And remember if you get no charges, CODIS doesn’t meet you. 

At the time of his arrest he's living in Benicia, CA. This is just a hop and a skip from his first four attacks. It seems that as time went on he decided to venture further away and that's how he  ended up heading the Sacramento area. 

He is working as a UC Berkeley safety specialist, about a half hour drive from home. He’s been there for the last 25 yrs, meaning he started in 1992. He seems to be part of the maintenance department, in charge of heavy machinery for the grounds. 

Oh, and he is married. They own white Cadillac Escalade and a silver Mercedes in his fancy white picket fenced house by the water. He works on motorcycles and cars on the weekends, tends to his tomato garden... He and his wife aren’t that outgoing in the neighborhood, they pretty much keep to themselves. And never noticed any pets or kids at the house. 

And these are the cases that validate the use of forensic genealogy. This guy had gotten away with over 10 rapes and assaults for the last 30 years. And he did stop, so without searching through the family tree, how would these  victims ever get Justice? he had no other prior arrest from that possible kidnapping but that didn't even eat any charges. So no he would not be ever found in CODIS,  as long as he never raped again or committed any other violent offense, which I think may be why he stopped. So let's take a look into CODIS in California. And we really haven't researched CODIS yet so let’s see what we get when it comes to California law and how those facts apply to this case. 

Codis in California: 1998 state law by requiring police to collect DNA samples from all adults convicted of a felony To be put in a criminal database…. amended and approved by voters in 2004, Proposition 69 expanded its reach, to people who were arrested and charged, whether or not they ended up being convicted. So you're not getting your DNA sample taken after your trial or your plea bargain and you get to the big house. You're getting it taken right around the time you find your defense lawyer. And by 2007 only four states were allowing this kind of reach. California Louisiana Virginia and Texas. And this is 14 years ago so I'm sure with that a lot more States on board.

So for Waller, he may have been picked up for this possible kidnapping in the early 90s, which we now discover is when he's beginning his rape spree, but as for courts to order the taking his DNA, well, that wouldn’t be in effect for at least another 10 years. And because charges were never officially filed For the kidnapping, And therefore no conviction was made, his DNA wasn't taken. Proposition 69 came into effect in 2004 and he stopped his free in 2006. Did he finally decide he  Wasn't going to risk it anymore?   Well for Waller, we find out he actually was one of the owners of Toyota 4Runners that were interviewed back in 2007, so I'm thinking that was when he decided to stop. 

But now let's look at the big picture… Do we think it is fair to order DNA samples when some people who are charged with federal crimes get released and the charges are dropped? Or those who at the time are not found to be guilty of any state or federal crime? If you're arrested and charged and then later found to be totally innocent which of course happens all the time... Was it right that they took your DNA in the early stages of but you just will process?  cuz once they have it karma now you have to do the work to try to get it out. Do you have the right for your DNA to be taken back out of the system? I did come across a link for California that can guide you through the process of requesting your DNA to be taken out of CODIS. So we know that that's an option but of course there is paperwork involved. What are the stakes for both sides? If you're an innocent person and always innocent never doing that things why would you care? I guess the question is how you perceive Big Brother. You arrested me oh, you found I was totally uninvolved in the crime you were accusing me of, but before that you took my DNA. Now it's in the system at no fault of my own. Because you screwed up, are you were misguided, my privacy has been breached and now I have to go through all this paperwork and bureaucracy to get my privacy back? I definitely see  the argument but proponents against proposition 69 present, but the flip side is that now if you are on the verge of  turning to a criminal life and you just happen to be innocent of that particular crime and we take your DNA out. It's not there for when we need it if you do  break bad. Oh Ethics!  How I do miss my philosophy classes. 

Of course the Press wants to know what UC Berkeley has to say about all this. They don't say much but they essentially said they're just surprised and shocked that their own employee could have done such a thing. But now we also have a whole student population that is finding out their safety specialist on campus has been arrested for raping women California back when they were just toddlers. One female student interviewed tells us, “It's really shocking To hear just for me as a student. First of all, that someone like this was on campus. I think it really goes to show that the issue of sexual violence and sexual harassment is really pervasive today. And it's something that we really need to be paying close attention to.”  So of course we are now worried that he could have been attacking any students on campus, but for some reason I'm still laying under the radar. But “according to UCPD and the Sacramento Police Department, there is no indication that any crimes occurred within the campus community. However, UCPD will be reviewing any open sexual assault cases to determine if any might be related.” 

So here's a common question for us: could have been caught  without diving into the family tree?  Well, possibly. It turns out he  was one of the Toyota 4Runner owners that were interviewed back in the day.  They determined that he wasn't close enough to the physical description because he was older then the victims reported the rapist to be. So they didn't request a DNA sample at the time, Thinking it would be a waste of time for the lab oh, because I already had so many samples to test as it was from all the other possible suspects. But they also didn't even take photos of the truck when they were at his house. Now if those detectives had a stronger gut feeling, or if there were stronger protocols for every single interview taking place for this case, then he would have been caught but instead   everyone had to wait 11 years  and try a different tactic. 

So there are statute of limitations on rape cases although I'm sure we'll get there one day. but here we have a man who's not only raping his victims but also doing so at gunpoint. now this is an aggravator when it comes to charges being filed, right?. This actually will bring his possible sentence if found guilty to life in prison, just by the fact that he had a gun pointed at his victims. 

But in all, his charges go from 28…. then 40… and ultimately 46 counts of kidnapping, forcible rape, oral copulation, sodomy and foreign penetration. I'm sure the burglaries are in there somewhere too.

He pleads not guilty and trial is October of last year, just under 6mo ago.  His defense? “it wasn't me.”  His attorney is going to argue that the victim's can't visually identify him so it must not have been him. Well it does have a right to a fair trial and 2 defend himself against his accusers so we will grandson that but let's see if that defense flies... 

The trial is taking place Last October and into November,  in the same exact room that  victim statements were given for  the crimes committed by Joseph DeAngelo oh, Golden State killer,  earlier last year. 

Part of the evidence included items found in a storage locker of his that they searched… They found - brace yourself - handcuffs duct tape condoms, Zip ties, masks, a book on how to pick locks.... And the clincher: stolen panties from  That would prove to belong to victims! 

They also searched his computer, and found details about his stalking of his women before the attacks. He logged their names, their appearance, their daily routines, their vehicles. He even graded them on their appearance.  What a piece of s***. You want to do that at a wet t-shirt contest? Fine, go for it, that's what that's for. But you're watching a girl cross the parking lot to go get a Starbucks? And then going home and logging  into your little stalker spreadsheet  that she’s an 8? Or what? A 5?  What the hell? I guess we can expect more from you from a guy like this so I take it back, This just adds to his depravity.

Other evidence the prosecution presented included his collection of Asian pornography showing women bound  during sex acts. Come on!!! For me this is enough, but in the interest of fairness because we can’t risk double jeopardy here, we need the victims to testify if they're willing. In the end  nine of his 11 victims testified about the details  of their attacks. And the whole time he would never look at the person testifying on the stand. Later he wouldn't even look at them during their Victim Impact statements. 

As it turns out if we're asked about the Toyota 4Runner, it actually belonged to his girlfriend at the time. They called her to the stand and she testified about relationship with him, and also said that the picture of the band of the ATM did look like Waller. 

Defense attorney Joseph Farina argues that number one his DNA from his trash out front of his house is a circle so we shouldn't be able to use it. And number two the Samples collected from crime scenes are anywhere from 15 to 30 years old  and  must be degraded in some way, causing false positive results when compared to his client DNA.  And this really pisses me off again. I guess, but I don't know how he lives with himself every time he  cross-examines these victims. The only victim that does identify him visually in the courtroom, he calls her a liar and accuses her of pointing fingers at him only because everyone else is pointing fingers at him. Farina argues that she wants someone to pay for her attack. He says you don't know him, she says back to him I don't know him, but I know his face.  Shit yeah, girl.

This piece of s*** also decides he's going to take the stand. Did you ask about the things found in his storage lockers and he says well I just collect weird stuff. And he says yes I am interested in bondage and sex toys but I didn't rape those women.  how can I explain the DNA testing? “All I can say is, I was never at these locations and I never did what I'm accused of. As far as the DNA thing, I'm not a DNA expert.”  so essentially he's claiming the Shaggy defense: It wasn’t me.

So we have to go through a whole month of testimony at trial, but it only takes two and a half hours for the jury to come back.. And on November 18th of 2020 Roy Charles Waller is found guilty on 46 counts  across 9 victims.  Shit yeah. And the pos is sentenced to 897 years baby, no parole.  now this is a man I wouldn't mind living well into his hundreds instill insert more time in jail then he did out of jail for all the terror sadness he caused to so many people.

So let's just think back quickly to our first serial rapist episode … #6. And we talked about women who don't come forward to report their rapes.  This man stalked them you … would think he would know their nature, their personality, and their strength. He completely underestimated their will to fight back,  report what he did to the police, and hold out for the Justice they deserve. After all, there ended up being 11 reported rapes  that Waller was accused of, and nine of those women testified. But what if we whittled that down?  What if only three or four reported them and what if only one or two decided to actually testify?  What if he was better at  cleaning up the crime scene and there was little to no DNA two or three of those scenes? What if he decided not to keep his trophies? After all he had 12 years... 12 years to destroy his computer hardware. Of course, every case is different, even though sometimes it feels every case is the same. But if we take all those what ifs and apply them, his sentence would have been lower. We could take his 897 years and whittle them down  30 if the all those what if were more in his favor. I'm sure there are a lot of cases out there that are just  like that hypothetical but they're just not been discovered yet. Or maybe they never will be. So just another PSA:  never feel ashamed never feel discouraged from reporting a rape. You are always stronger than you think you are. And you are always more loved and supported than you think you are. You might not know how many victims came before you or how many will be after you. But you are not alone, you are Loved and you are supported. And you will be believed If you ever find yourself testifying on the stand. If you choose not to testify, your attacks DNA evidence can testify for you.. You may Not know it at the time, but you might be just one soldier of many in the Army that will one day take down the piece of shit that hurt you. 

Defense attorney  Joseph Farina, says later on, "It didn't matter what I did. It was a DNA case. We could not overcome the fact that his DNA was at nearly all the crime scenes."  

The press does interview the jury afterwards, and we get Juror #7 who tells us, “the prosecutors, the DA, put on such a good case that it made our jobs a lot easier…” When they asked him about if Waller's testifying on his own behalf helped or hurt his case the juror says “that really hurt him his testimony could not prove nothing and DNA don't lie that was the reason why.”

Victim impact statements:

Rohnert Park victim: “I have never been, nor will I ever be, embarrassed by what he did to me. I will never be ashamed. It is your client who should be embarrassed, Mr. Farina.” and then says of his sentence, “He’s gone, I never have to think about him for one more second of my life, and that is the greatest relief I could ever feel. He deserves, as the prosecutors said, every single second, and I hope he lives a very, very long life from here on out.”
Vallejo victim: ““It’s always going to be there,” she said. “I’ve lived half my life — I’m going to be 60 — living this way, so I think this definitely does have closure...Knowing that he is not going to do it to anybody else is the most amazing feeling. I just hope to God that he feels the pain.”