Aug. 4, 2021

Serial Rape Victims of Manchester and Vernon, CT

Serial Rape Victims of Manchester and Vernon, CT

POS Angelo Alleano Jr.

Alleano at a fire department function


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To report information regarding the Alleano case, please contact:

Vernon Det. Thomas Van Tasel at 860-872-9126

Manchester Det. James Moore at 860-645-5500


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Victim #1 - Monday afternoon, 8/6/2001   84yo female. 

One of the most popular names for baby girls in 1917 was Helen, so that’s what we are going to call her. Now, we don’t know anything about her life, because all our victims are remaining anonymous here. And that’s completely understandable. But if in 2001, she is 84, like we said, she could be a great or a great great grandmother by now. Whoa, that's a lot of life. This woman was born 1916-1917; that’s during World War 1. So she lived through pretty much everything. Both World Wars, and all the wars since then. She was in her 30s when WWII was being fought, so I wonder if she had a husband who went overseas to fight. Maybe she was one of the two million women who entered the workforce during the war because all the men had been shipped off. She also witnessed a slew of technological advancements that we all take for granted today. Telephones that don’t need an operator on the other end, literally plugging you into the person you are calling…. Hands free, automatic washing machines…  we went to space!... women became more prominent in the workplace… Rock and Roll became mainstream. If Helen had a granddaughter - she might have given the girl money to go see the Beetle’s NYC in 1964. Yes... a granddaughter, because that’s how old Helen is. 

So it’s Monday afternoon, 8/6/2001. Helen lives alone in the Squire Village Apt complex in Manchester. And she is sitting on her couch in her apartment, living her best old lady life. And evil comes in. 

So the details of these rapes actually come directly from the arrest warrant issued for the man who was responsible for them. The warrant and charges were signed off on in 2001. Now, at the time, his identity was unknown. But because there is a statute of limitations on bringing charges against the perpetrator of a sexual assault, and police would ending up having a terrible time finding this guy, they were able to essentially charge the owner of the DNA found at the crimes scenes of these four attacks. Good on them… because too often we see men not brought to justice because they were not identified within the statute time frame, and they didn’t pursue this “John Doe, defendant” angle.  #cosbyisaPOS  And this is your last warning before I get into these details, because it’s pretty horrific. I’ll give you 5 seconds to decide if you’re in this with me or not…. 

Ok back to Helen. So she is in her living room at her apartment, and some man just walks in through the unlocked front door. He walks up to her, grabs a couch pillow or cushion, covers her face with it, and tells her, “don’t scream.” He also tells her that the less she struggles, the quicker he’ll be gone. He gets right up to her, gropes her under her shirt, pulls her pants and underwear down. He then opens his own pants, begins fondling himself, and orders her to lay down on the couch. Now of course, Helen is absolutely terrified, but she’s also old, and she’s not as limber as she used to be. And she actually has to plead with him, telling him that she is not physically able to lay down. Sooo…. Yeah. But he is not discouraged. Instead he decides to continue his attack, and he rapes her, there on the couch, while she is slumped back against it. *sigh* When he is done, he gets off of her, grabs some tissues to clean himself up, and puts himself back together. He tells her she’d better not tell anyone, because he would know. And with all this trauma that she is experiencing, she has enough wits about her to ask him, “well… where are you from?” and he tells her that he works here, at the apartment complex. And after that, he leaves. 

Soon after, Helen does what must be the hardest thing to do after being threatened with a repeat attack - she reports the home invasion and assault to Lifeline, the medical alert service we make fun of during day time commercials, but really does in fact save lives. A representative at Lifeline then connects her to the local PD. Helen will have a rape kit completed, and because she was not completely sure that the attacker ejaculated inside of her - maybe it happened under her - the police take the couch cushions into evidence as well. Helen describes the man as in his 30s, white, dark hair and a mustache, wearing shorts and white t-shirt. 

Right away, the Manchester PD submits the evidence to its forensics lab, and once a profile is created, they run it through CODIS, the LE database of sometimes charged, most time convicted felony offenders, hoping to get a match. Unfortunately nothing came back. So they do what they can with other evidence or clues they gather to find the POS. He had told her that he works at the complex, so that would explain how he knows he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else in the home when came in and attacked her… so police must have investigated the apartment employees but they only came back with dead ends. 

At this time, Helen has likely passed, as she would be 104yo, so unfortunately, she would not live long enough to see her rapist arrested or tried. I hate to tell you, it’s not going to get better from here on out. The next few homes have other people in them, and the victims were threatened into enduring their attacks in silence.

So now we have Victim #2, in December of 2004.  She is 57yo, also living in Manchester. We estimate she was born in 1947, and we are going to call her Linda. Linda grew up getting milkshakes at the soda shoppe, possibly marrying and having babies in the 60s. We don’t know if she lived the majority of her life in Connecticut, but by 2004, it was just her and her mother living in the home. 

On 12/9/2004, this attack is going to take place in the middle of the night. It’s about 1am, Linda’s mother is sleeping on the living room couch, and Linda is asleep in her bedroom. She is awakened by a rustling sound oh, and when she opens her eyes there's a tall man wearing a ski mask standing  in the doorway. He tells her to be quiet, walks fully into the room, and shuts the door behind him. Soon enough, he was at the head of her bed exposing himself to her and ordering her to perform oral sex on him. She complied, and then he began to grope her and digitally penetrate her. Next, he place a pillow over her face, it’s believe not o smother her, but to keep her from looking at him, and he climbed on top of her on the bed and began to rape her.  And while doing so, they actually had a conversation. And he asked her when the last time she had sex was, but he was much more brutal in the words he used. And he told her of course not to tell anyone about this. And Linda pleaded with him not to hurt her mother, who was sleeping outside on the living room couch, and he replied but maybe he would. And as he continued raping her, the monster on top of her asked Linda if she had any money in the house. She told him that she did not normally keep  cash around, but there may be some in the hutch in the  kitchen.  And after he was done and again put himself back together, he walked out the bedroom door reminding her again not to tell anyone because if she did, he would come back. It was a few hours later that Linda gathered the courage and the strength to leave her room and investigate the house. Her mother was safe and sound, thankfully, and the man had left.

As it turns out, he had come in through the unlocked patio door on the side of the house, and we believe he left the same way. She had a lot of random items out there, it was pretty cluttered, and there was light out there, so he would have had to be really careful navigating through it all, in the dark, in order to get to the door. So, had he scoped this patio out before? Had he stalked this house? And again, how did he know there was no man in the house, or anyone else what he would be confronted by during this attack? There was only Linda, who is 57, and her mom, likely in her late 70s, or 80s… how did he know no one else was there? The forensics lab was not able to produce a complete offender DNA profile from Linda’s rape kit, and it’s unclear why. But for this reason, this profile was not submitted to CODIS. It would, however, provide enough information to argue there is a link between the two victims. Linda believed he was white and in his 20s. So the events of what took place in both Helen’s and Linda’s attacks and the DNA profile comparisons are similar enough that for now, we will say they are likely carried out by the same man. 

Victim #3, is a 37yo single mother of a young boy, and they also live in Manchester. On March 23, 2007, it was just a regulate night. The boy went to bed in his own room at about 9pm, and the victim, we’ll call her Jennifer, locked up the house at about 11pm. So in this case, the victim is in the habit of locking all the doors and checking the windows regularly before bed. Apparently, she ever had a deadbolt she used on the front door. But somehow….some way… he still gets in. It’s around 1:30am, when Jennifer is woken up by a strange noise, sees a man in the doorway, and bolts out of bed. She yells out “who's there??” and when she gets no response, she begins screaming. This prompts the home invader to charge her, cover her mouth and toss her on the bed, telling her, “don’t scream. If you don’t scream, your child won’t get hurt.” Okay, enough… how does he know?  Then begins pulling up her nightgown to get to her underwear. He also grabs a bed pillow, and of course, places it over her face. All the while, Jennifer is pleading with him not to do this. “No. no no. Please, please don’t.” But he ignores her. He then proceeds to rape her, complimenting her body. And, just like the other times, he asks her about any money she has in the house. She tells him she might have some around the house somewhere, and to please stop assaulting her, and to just leave. Now, this POS was wearing something like a hoodie and his voice seemed muffled, like he had something covering his own face. And so at one point, Jennifer tries to pull it off of him. But in reaction, he punched her in the face and ordered her not to touch him, getting the pillow back on her face to keep her from seeing him and to muffle her voice. 

So finally, this POS gets off of Jennifer and leaves. But not before stealing her purse. After the investigation of the home, it’s determined he got into the house through the sun room, not the front door. And this one, just like Linda’s, was cluttered with junk. So again, he's climbing around stuff to get up to the door, in the dark, but still able to keep quiet. Jennifer reported that she thought her attacker could be black, about 5’8” and about 180lbs. A rape kit was completed, and her clothes and bedding were taken as evidence.

I hate these details. But at the same time, it’s important, because as much as we might talk about “a rape,” it’s so much more than a four letter word. When we acknowledge that a person is a victim of a rape or other type of sexual assault, and we don’t know the details, it can beeasy to just react, like, “whoa, wow that sucks.” But when we have details like these, we are forced to really put ourselves in the perspective of the victim. We can see it in our mind’s eye. This is what this particular person went through. We don’t know her, or even her name, but this is part of her life experience. And for what? She did nothing to deserve this - no one does.

And we know we are hearing about it secondhand, and we can’t do anything to stop it - it’s already done. But these details, these are the experiences, the horrors, that one human being perpetrated against another, - so often we can’t even try to count -  and the victims have to relive their attacks over and over and over again for the rest of their lives. Now there may be support groups that some victims attend, to surround themselves with people with similar experiences. And I’m sure these groups are helpful. At the end of the day, each victim has had a particular experience that no one else can relate to. The only two people there at the time were the victim and the rapist… and when a victim looks back on the attack, she feels fear, dread, anger, vulnerability… but the other side. The POS… he’s feeling powerful, satisfied, stealth, macho.. Getting worked up to do it again. It’s a.. Ugh, IDK where I was going… oh, right. 

So the reason, for me at least, for going through the details here, is to articulate the trauma that rape victims endure, and um.. For how long? Since the dawn of time. Since women were less than men - has that really gone away? For the life of the human race, sexual assault had been treated as if it was just another form of .. what beating someone up? “Well, you really shouldn’t have done that to her. That wasn’t nice.” And this is perfectly clear in the law. That’s why all these POS’s for centuries have either never been brought up on charges, OR given these tiny little sentences. A year here, time served there. And then they get released and do it again. And we have to consider this asinine practice of these statutes of limitations. Before DNA technology, without eye witnesses saying, “yeah, I saw him break into her house, and then heard her screaming ''… then, where’s the proof? Well, now we have the scientific capabilities… yet - sorry to the men listening here, not talking about you lol - POS rapists are still perpetuating their attacks, because they know they are more likely to get away ith it than they are being locked up. Now we have rape kits keep piling up, sitting on shelves - and yes, in some PD’s  actually being thrown out to make room for more current evidence boxes, or even cleaning supplies - or they’re still waiting to be analyzed. I am a victim: how can I bring charges before this 5yr deadline if you won’t test my kit???? Test my fucking kit.

So in the end, both back in the day, and even here in the 21st century, too many women are hearing too many times “Hmm… Well, I really am sorry that happened to you ma’am. But I got to get back to work.”

We have to be clear here. Every rape report is not, “a man raped me.” It’s, “He came into my home uninvited. He tied my up. He forced himself on me, and in me. He said this to me. He made me do this. He wouldn’t let me do that. He said he would hurt my kid. He said he would do it again. And I know he can, because we don’t know who he is, and he knows where we live.” 

So when we have these cold sexual assault cases, and the victims and the district attorneys and the detectives can’t make any headway on bringing charges against a suspect… they have to watch that clock. Every jurisdiction has some kind of deadline for applying for an arrest warrant. Because apparently, the law believes that after a few years - whatever the particular statute is, 5 yrs, 7, 10, whatever - why bother pursuing it in the courts? “We mean, come on… yeah it sucks you were raped, but… it’s been years now. You didn’t die… lol, if you died, then that would be different. There’s no statute on murder… It’s really too late now. Come to us next time when you’re dead. Then we’ll let you bring it up to us when you finally find him 15 yrs later. For now, you got to find him before the statute runs out. 

So yeah, we really need to give kudos here to the detectives that apply for the arrest warrants of “John Doe”s… the rapists who’s DNA profile are known, but their names aren’t yet known. And for the departments that don’t do this, get the fuck on it. 

Victim #4.The fourth and final victim will live in Vernon, CT, which is right next door to Manchester. This victim is 61yrs old,  born in ‘46 or ‘47, so according to the popular baby names for those years, we are going to call her Barbara. Barbara had fallen asleep on her living room couch on January 16, 2008, a Wednesday night. And yes, she lived alone. She thinks she fell asleep around 10pm, so sometime after that, was when she was woken up by the feeling of something being pushed against her face. When she came to, she realized a man she did not know was smothering her with one of her couch pillows. He told he wouldn’t hurt her, he just wanted money. So he allowed her to get off the couch, making her keep the pillow in front of her to block her from seeing him, to get her wallet. She had about $200, which she gave him, but then he didn’t leave. Instead, he told her to walk back to her bedroom and lay down on her bed. 

There's more details in the arrest warrant than I’m willing to articulate, and we’ve already gone over three other victims' experiences, but essentially, he forced her to masterbate, touch him sexually, and he vaginally raped her. All the while talking dirty to her. And again, he is repeatedly threatening her to not tell anyone or he will know, and he will come back and hurt her. When he is done, he leaves through the back door. She describes him as being in his mid-20s, about 5’9”ish, and about 165 lbs. He seemed like he was drunk, wore a silver watch, and sounded like he had a Russian or other European accent. A rape kit was performed for Barbara's attack, and her clothes and the bedding wee taken as evidence. 

So we have a lot of the same M.O.s here across all cases, without even looking at the DNA analyses. All attacks are by strangers. The all take place in the victim’s home and all are home invasions. All of them are told “don’t scream” and threatened with a repeat attack if they report the crime. All are forced to keep a pillow over their faces and to not look at him. All are alone or have another person in the home is not considered a threat. AND the perpetrator knows this in advance. He robbed three out of four of them. The sexual acts to differ, but they all end with him using a tissue to clean himself and the victim after he ends the assault. All victims are not 100% sure if he ejaculated at all, and some even say he could not keep an erection. Lastly, for his physical description, this man is in his 20s, likely white, medium build.

By the next year, in early 2009, Barbara, who, remember is in Vernon, her suspect’s profile gets a hit in CODIS and it hits up against the three rapes that occurred the priors years over in Manchester. So now there a two PD and they are going to meet up and work on the cases together. And here we have Detectives James Moore (Manchester PD)  and Don Skewes (Vernon PD). They work the cases - what else an they do at this point, but hope for a COIS match with actual name on it - and ultimately decided in February of 2010 to submit an arrest warrant and press charges against  “John Doe identified by DNA profile in warrant narrative.” 

So I’m just going to read here the summation of the investigation from the warrant up to 2010 here.


So to sum up, they are telling the courts, we’ve done our due diligence, we’ve checked DNA on hundreds of possible suspects, and come up with no matches. But because CODIS is constantly being updated with new Felons, and because this guy is a repeat offender, we believe he will eventually end up in the database, and we want these rapes to be on the list of charges when that day comes. Very good! I wish more victims could have detectives like Moore and Skewes on their cases. I went to the RAINN website to get the statute of limitations laws for CT and my mind started to hurt. Depending on the circumstances of the rape, the victims age, whether or not the rapist and the victim were married, and aggravating factors, the status can be anywhere from five years to twenty years. So please visit the RAINN site to find the law in your state. 

So they have the warrant, and they wait. And we have to wait nine years... In February of last year,  Kristin Sasinouski, deputy director of Forensic Biology & DNA at the Division of Scientific Services in CT gets approval on a $1.4m grant that is going to turn this case around and finally get some answers. Now that the police have some money for these genealogical searches, they send an evidence sample to Bode technologies, who then completed an analysis, and created family maps based on information curated from FamilyTreeDNA and GEDmatch.

And on May 28, 2020, just three months after Sasinouski gets the money for the research, the Vernon and Manchester CT PDs announced the arrest of Angelo Alleano Jr for multiple rapes spanning seven years.   

So who is Angelo Alleano Jr, who is this POS? He’s a fucking firefighter, folks. Or at least was, until his arrest.  

POS Alleano has spent his whole life in Connecticut, graduating from East Catholic HS in 1991, and then attending community college for two years after that. He was a member of a volunteer FD, an EMT, and a paramedic for two separate ambulance companies before being hired by the Manchester FD at the end of  August in 1997. So on the outside, he was a great guy. Community oriented, medically trained, and working for the Manchester PD, a dedicated employee. And all the while, all of these attacks took place while he was employed at Manchester. At one point, he was even elected a union leader for his company. 

Alleano was 28 in 2001 when Helen was attacked, and 35 by the time Barbara was attacked.

Alleano has two children and his defense lawyer claims he is a “family man.” However, police were actually able to get him to go down to the Vernon PD because they wanted to talk to him about an unrelated domestic violence report. So he might be a big deal at the FD but up until he was arrested last year, he’s got violent tendencies. Once he was there and being questioned about this recent domestic violence incident, they executed the search warrant for his cheek swab for the four rape cases we discussed here. So many he’s isn’t the family man he proposes to be after all.

And check this out, even though Alleano was fired - like, the day after his arrest - according to CT pension law, even if this POS is found guilty, he’s still going to get his pension! Seems when they wrote that law, they didn’t think about felony convictions of violent acts… or maybe they didn’t care. I guess the best we can hope for is the money goes to his family, for his kids’ sake.

Do we think there would have been a suspect without the family map? Possibly. They did for a think perhaps the suspect was part of the essential services of the town, seeing as how he was targeting houses on no outlet streets. So if anyone working the cases decided to re-visit that idea, and get the cheek swabs, they could have found him that way.  I wonder though, how much time and money would that have cost, would if ever have been approved by the Chief of police? 

Do we think there are other victims out there? Absolutely. And if you are listening, we believe you, you are not alone, and it’s not your fault.

As of now, there has been no trial or plea agreement set in place for Angelo Alleano Jr, so we will have to wait and see how it pans out. He is, after all, innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty.  Allaeno is currently charged with four counts of first degree rape, and three counts of second degree burglary. 

Regarding the Angelo Alleano case, if you or someone you know has any information regarding his victims or any usual behavior, please contact the Vernon or Manchester PD. I will put the contact information in the show notes. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, please reach out to your local LW agency to report your attack and get the services and support that you are entitled to. Even if your attack was not in the last few days, your rape should still be reported. Many perpetrators of sexual assaults are repeat offenders - the more often their victims report their crimes, the stronger the prosecution’s evidence will be when the cases get brought before the court. 

And that is the case of the Serial Rape Victims of Manchester and Vernon, CT.