March 31, 2021

Pamela McCall, Bitter Creek Betty, and the I-90 Jane Doe

Pamela McCall, Bitter Creek Betty, and the I-90 Jane Doe

Pamela Aldridge McCall

Bitter Creek Betty

I-90 Jane Doe

POS Clark Perry Baldwin


So today we are talking about Pamela Aldridge McCall. Pamela was born in 1958 in Cedar Rapids Iowa she's the second of five kids and the only girl her mom is named Marshall IL and by the time Pamela is grown up Manas living in Virginia Pamela was a free-spirited Traveler she was always a happy person her mom says she's always treating everyone with respect and she's not mean or vindictive in any way. In her early twenties Pamela meets and marries a trucker out of Pennsylvania and they have a son named Eric but they're divorced just a few years later. Eric would mostly be brought up by his father and his father's family and stays in Pennsylvania. But Pamela seems to like the trucking life, And mom tells us she is always traveling from place to place throughout the southeast. And she does this by picking up rides from long-haul truckers at rest stops. Eventually in the late eighties and early nineties she meets one particular guy on the road, a man who drives an 18 wheeler, and she gets pregnant in 1990. He's married though, so the best they can do is see each other when he's on the road and she is away from mom at home in Virginia. 

Now on sat march 2, 1991 She's 7mo pregnant with a baby girl and she's out on one of these long trips away from home, spending this time with her trucker boyfriend. She  calls mom in Virginia, telling her she is just next door in TN. They have a nice talk, and she tells mom she'll be home in a few days.

A week later Pamela and her boyfriend are still in Tennessee, they have just left a truck stop in Peytonsville, and they are driving down the highway and they get into this huge fight. The fight is so bad that he decides to pull off to the side of the road and let her out  to find her own way home. Now, this is how Pamela has been able to get around for most of her adult life, right? she's used to it, and I'm sure she listens to her gut when she has a bad feeling about someone offering her a ride.  but now i'm going to tell you that this is happening in the middle of the night! And obviously we know they are not strangers. I don't know what the hell this man was thinking. No matter what year we're talking about, you don't just leave a woman on the side of the road because you're mad at her…. especially if she's seven months pregnant with your baby! But he pulls over ...he lets her out ...and he takes off. 

The next morning we are just 30mi from that truck stop, in Spring Hills Tennessee. We're about 10 and a half hours away from Mom's house and This is 40 miles south of Nashville. Spring hill was a tiny town forever…. all the way up into the 90s, when Saturn the car manufacturer came to town and they both plant over the years this has brought in a ton more people and now Spring Hill Tennessee has over a population of 140k people.

 Back in 1991 the population of this tiny town population was only 2,000  and their police force was less than 10 people and it was so small that it didn't even have a traffic light. The only draw For people outside the town was that the Spring Hill would sell beer to people on Sundays. 

So the next morning, we are on Saturn Parkway its about 5mi long and kind of circle the south side of town, connecting Interstate 65 to Spring Hills Main Street, it's mostly lined by fields or Woods, not very industrial at all the the map nowadays  so I'm sure it was the same back then.

So around lunch time, a person driving on Saturn Parkway glances over to a hilly spot on the side of the road and notices this  woman, just sitting there propped up, and really stiff, and not moving. At first I think she's sleeping but then they realize that she may be dead so they  Call the police. Whoever had left her there had actually propped her up as if she was sitting, So people from the highway could see her. Oooh my god. Who does that?  

The medical examiner tells us that she had been strangled to death. Also there was sperm recovered from the pantyhose that she was wearing. Spring Hill Police Capt. Ron Coleman is the lead detective at the time, and this woman has no identification on her, so they don't know who she is. He's interviewing the locals and checking in with all the truck stops around the Nashville area and is keeping detailed notes of everything that he does. But in the end he has to send her fingerprints to police departments all over the area and somehow... at some point…. they were able to identify her as Pamela McCall. 

Now like I said mom Marsha is 10 I was way like 400 miles from Spring Hill Tennessee. So did Detective Coleman send her fingerprinting report out to precincts that far out? Or was the internet really usable by then? What if Pamela actually had been from across the country like say in Nevada? What if the weren't able to figure out who she was using these fingerprints, or would she have been declared a Jane Doe? Well  I don't know, based on my research,  but we are glad that she was able to be identified. 

Mom, Marsha Lyell, tells us, “I give her birth and air, and he takes the air out of her, That’s what makes me mad — he’s still breathing.” 

So det Coleman has 2 murders on his hands, Pamela and her baby girl. He's keeping all of his notes and also getting the truck stops to give them their gas receipts for the last few days just in case they ever need them two times who suspect you sending the DNA out to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations in the same year to see if it's a hit on any criminals in the database.  unfortunately this is 1991 and kotas is not up and running it at this time so there is no National Database for the DNA sample to be submitted to will the lab says but the same as seen on her pantyhose is actually not good enough it's too small they said we can try this process that's going to replicate the sample but it might not be accurate in the end and at the same time the samples going to be destroyed. So Coleman decides he's not going to pursue the DNA analysis just yet and he's going to wait for Science and Technology to evolve knowing that one day the department will be able to reopen the case and try again. 

And now we have to wait 28 years for any new movement. Such a long time for mom Marsha to have to wait,  but  we finally start to get some answers in 2019. Spring Hill Police Department. Patrolman Ty Hadley is hanging out in the station chatting with his coworker Melissa Wilson and he notices a true crime book on her desk called In the Name of the Children. Hadley says to Wilson, “I'm not really much of a true crime buff but it would be pretty great to be able to solve a cold case one day.” And Wilson tells him actually their department does have a cold case and there’s a lot of evidence on it too.  So Hadley and Wilson Mull it over for a bit, and decide they're going to try to reopen the Pamela McCall case. They call the district attorney who tells them, Well, the boxes may have been tossed, they may have been broken up, they may not be around anymore, seeing as how it's been almost 30 years.” But he lets them give it a try, and they go searching in the DA's office and the police department storage unit. And they actually find the whole file! If I had a slew of boxes including all the evidence like Pamela's clothes, nail clippings, and her pantyhose, and they also find all the interviews he conducted… all the reports done by the Detective Coleman, including all those gas receipts from the truck stops and other items that may not have seemed important at the time, but may be useful in the future once they have a suspect. And then Wilson puts her book on the shelf and she and Hadley begin their year long investigation into Pamela's murder. 

Now it's some point in 2019 they decide they're going to send those pantyhose with the semen stain on them to a lab in Wyoming. Why Wyoming? I have no idea, I could not find it but I tried. Maybe its a main lab in the country that can do mitochondrial testing that is needed for the phenotyping and family tree research that police departments do for these cold cases. I got the feeling it is a government lab, but it may be one that has the staffing and resources to do the kind of testing that Parabon does. So this lab in Wyoming is able to extract the DNA and then they put the  profile in the criminal and victim database and they call Spring Hill back. They say “Well, we don't have your suspect, but we  do have two other victims of his.” That's right…  this DNA has also been found on two other murdered women. These women are from Jane Does found in Wyoming in 1992. So let's go into them.

 The first woman  is known as Bitter Creek Betty. On March 1st of 1992 almost a full year after Pamela was murdered down in Tennessee in Sweetwater County Wyoming Barbara leverton pulls over her  semi truck to the side of Interstate 80 to have a coffee break. But where she happens to be is just within sight of a body down at the bottom of this snowy ditch, next to a creek. There is evidence that she had been sexually assaulted, and she had injuries to her face and neck. The medical examiner never gave a definitive answer as to how she died, but her death was ruled as a homicide. She's about 5 8, 125 lb she has dark hair either dark brown or black. She had a c-section scar. and she's nicknamed Bitter Creek Betty because that's the name of the creek that was running nearby. They believe she was murdered and left there in late 1991 or early 1992. Its believed that she was dropped from the side of the road and just rolled down the embankment. Now because the weather has been so cold throughout the winter her body was actually  pretty well preserved and they thought they'd be able to identify her, but they haven't been able to to this day.

 One month later about 5 or 6 hours away from Bitter Creek Betty,  Wyoming department of transportation workers found a woman off the side of I-90. She was found on April 13th of 1992 and they estimate that she had been killed and left in February.  This Jane Doe, who they call I-90 Jane Doe, was also pretty young, estimated to be in her early twenties, about five foot six, and also pretty thin, about 115 lb. She also had dark brown hair. Jane was pretty decomposed at the time, but they were able to determine that she was in fact pregnant when she was killed. she had been hit in the head with blunt force trauma.

Whew!   Sooo yeah. No Bitter Creek Betty and I-90 Jane Doe have not been identified to this day. I did check  for them on the DNA doe project site but they are not listed as any of the cases that organization is handling. You can find them on the Doe Network though I will post pictures in the show notes and on social media of the phenotypes… you know, what they might look like. I'm hoping with the resolution of Pamela’s case that we will find some answers as to who they are, and their families can get some resolution. 

So let's go over all three victims: all are young, two are pregnant at the time, all have brown hair, and all are found on the side of the highway.

So clearly we have a serial killer on our hands! and at this point I can't tell who it is or when but the suspect DNA is run through a public genealogy database and by April 2020 they have a suspect name. This guy lives in Waterloo, Iowa, and he is a retired long haul trucker. We've got state AND federal officers scoping him out for 10 days. They snag a garbage bag from his apartment complex they believe is his, AND they swab a shopping cart he had used when he leaves Walmart. 

And on may 6, 21020 police arrested Clark Perry Baldwin for the 1990s murders of Pamela McCall, Bitter Creek Betty, and I-90 Jane Doe.

So who is Clark Perry Baldwin??

Who is this piece of shit who’s semen is on multiple dead women found on the side of interstate highways??

We don’t know anything about his early life, but he Graduated Nashua-Plainfield High School in 1979 in Nashua Iowa. He had married a single mom of 5 in 1987 and we do hear from his ex-stepdaughter. She reports that Baldwin was a monster and he abused her and the other kids.. He’d whip them bare butt with a belt, and hold their heads under water when they got in trouble. No wonder mom divorced him before the first year was up!

Sometime that next year in 1988 he fathers a child. 

The same year Pamela was found murdered, he was charged w rape and assualt of a 21yo hitchhiker over in TX. she had reported that he had tied up her hands and month, hit her over the head, and choked her. Somehow she made it out alive, but when the court date came, the county had to drop the charges because they couldn't find her to testify. Now, because its a rape case, she isn’t identified, but i hope she didn’t show because of her own decision and not because someone kept her from showing. 

Then we have 1991 and 92  - then years we believe he killed Pamela and our 2 jane does and by then he was 28. …. But no one knows he's met up these women until just last year, in 2020.

Now, in 1992 he was a suspect in a  murder investigation and they interview the ex-wife. I didn't find any details about this murder, but they interview the ex-wife, She tells them he did once brag about killing a girl while was out on the road. He said he strangled her and threw her body out of his truck. YIKES!

5yrs later in 1997, the secret service gets a tip that he and two women are making counterfeit money in Springfield Missouri. They raid the apartment, find the loot, and ship him and the women off the jail. He served 18mo and was released in 1999. And in 1999, they are only taking fingerprints of convicts, not DNA samples. This was the only time law enforcement had their hooks in him from what I could tell. 

Seems to live a quiet life after that. 

In 2008 he was in Newport News VA working as a taxi driver. He meets Tanya Edwards Huddleston. She and her bf and baby lived with him for a few months when they were down and out. And then at some point he moves back to Iowa and back in w his mom.. Now she's interviewed and she's shocked. She says, “I know him. If he was a serial killer, he had every opportunity in the world to take me out," she said. "If he was going to hurt anybody, I feel like it would have been me. Because I had thrown some fits in front of him in his own house.”   Why didn't he kill her? Well, she answers her own question… “Clark is the kind of person that if you are in need, he’s going to help you. If he’s your friend, he’s going to help you," so I would say he didn’t kill her because she wasn't a stranger to him. And up until his arrest and all the media about it, Tayla was keeping in touch with him. after  all these years! Could you imagine? Think back 5, 10, 20 years ago about some of the friends or co-workers you had. Think of someone you got along with really well and they helped you out when your life was going downhill. Now imagine tomorrow, you get a News alert on your phone that they were picked up for multiple murders that happened way before you even know them!  That shit is crazy! 

2018 - the child he fathered back in 1988, who also lives in Iowa does her DNA kit,  and come to find out that Clark Perry Baldwin is her father. she finds him on FB and they catch up. It's not clear how much of a relationship they had by the time of his arrest. And it's NOT CLEAR to me if hers was the profile that ended up on the public database they used to discover him. 

Original detective Det Coleman talks to mom after almost 30yrs abt it. He says, “At age 78 she remembers every bit of our conversations up there. She is so thankful for everyone doing this — especially in Tennessee. I cried like a baby,” Coleman said. “I said, ‘I couldn’t complete it (myself), I had to have some help.” 

Believe he is being held pending trial for pamalea McCalls murder in TN. last i could find, he was pending court date for pamela’s murder in TN. after he is done in TN, they'll be shipping him back to Wyoming to stand for Betty and I-90 Jane Doe.

Bitter Creek Betty and I-90 Jane Doe are still unidentified. I check the DDP site for them and they are currently 

Police think they can tie him to more unsolved murders, in other states! Remember, he was a trucker, driving all over the country, for years. They are investigating possible victims in Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, and Texas. But this guy was driving all over the place. These are just the states they named when they were asked about it last year. 

Pamela McCall’s mom is 78 and still in Virginia. She tells us ““It scared me that I would go to my grave without knowing who killed her…. I don’t want to hear him breathing … I want to see him stopped. I want him to get a lethal injection so he will never kill again.”


Short list of serial killing truck drivers:

Most famous is Robert Ben Rhoades - he also had a torture chamber in the back of his cab. Focused mainly on texas and Illinois. One of his victims is the picture you might have seen on the internet of the terrified girl in a black dress, in a dilapidated barn. She was 14 at the time. 


Keith Jesperson -  killed from about 1990-1995. Drove from Canada into the US, victims in multiple states.  He left notes about his crimes signed with a happy face, they named him  happy face killer. He eventually would “consult” on a tv show called Dark Minds, under the code-name "Raven”.  The writer of the show wrote a book called “ Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer. I read it before I got into podcasts…. it was very good.


Edward Surratt - northeast, break into couples homes, kill the husband, then rape and kill the wife

Joe Metheny - mixed his victims flesh the hamburger meat he sued at his hamburger stand.

Wayne Adam Ford  - at least four women in the late 90s, confessed by bringing a severed breast into a sheriff’s office in California

Timothy Jay Vageades  - called his truck the twilight express,” and it  had a torture room inside his cab, filed his teeth into fangs, and did the same thing to his victims!


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