Oct. 16, 2021

Affiliate Time! Silk + Sonder

Affiliate Time! Silk + Sonder

This is an affiliate-centered spot, and I may earn a commission on any purchases made using the special link you’ll find here in the episode description, or anywhere else TTTF is found online. This is at no extra cost to you.

So, when was the last time you really looked at your life and asked yourself if you are living up to your potential? Are you realizing you’re putting energy into projects that turn out to be not as great as you once thought they were? Where is your list of the ways in which you are a badass? You don’t have one? Don’t worry, I got you. 

Because oh my god, I’m about to bring you into my world self-care. I am officially an affiliate for Silk + Sonder! And I am so freaking excited! So I want to take the next few minutes to tell you how it’s changed my life. And how it might just change yours.

Silk + Sonder site tells us:

"Emotional health doesn’t need to be so serious or stigmatized — it just needs to be prioritized."

Which is so true. If we just give ourselves the time and space to get quiet, and think… mmm so much happier.

S+S is a monthly journal membership service that delivers a new journal to your door every month. It’s a new approach to journaling, planning, and overall self-care. 

While each book is laid out the same way from month to month, each month focuses on a different abstract theme. And aside from the requisite calendars and trackers, and empty bullet pages, there are different journaling and mindfulness activities that coincide with each month’s particular theme. This year, we’ve explored how we experience endearment, play, freedom and - my favorite - creativity. Not only does the membership get you your journal, the company also has an active Instagram account and a community based app with a chat room that encourages members to engage, both with Founder Meha and her team, and with each other. 

I believe I first found out about the product back in December of 2020, or maybe it was this January. And I was fleshing out all I wanted to do to create this podcast, and my mind was so wrapped up in this project that I let those S+S added scroll right by me on Instagram. But then by the time I finally released my pilot episode, I was really starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. And then I started really looking into this monthly journal program and even though I was a little intimidated - I don’t even remember that last time I journaled regularly, and I’ve never used an actual planner - I said, let’s give it a try. Because I am about to need some real structure in my life if this podcast thing is going to be any good.

So I received my first journal for February and I took it slow. I didn’t by any stickers, and I found some colored pencils in the back of the cabinet. And I told myself just to track a few things this month, not even things I want to start doing, just things I know I should do more of…. no pressure. And for the daily “journal” type entries, I’ll sum up my day in a few sentences. And so I did. February’s journal was less than half filled by the time it was over. But I had gotten into a habit of opening it up at the end of each day and checking in with myself. Did I make dinner more times than not this week? Yes. Did I walk Stanley Dog 3 or more times? No. It’s ok, I’ll do better next month. And so began what has turned into an actual daily ritual for me.


What I love about this monthly concept if that you don’t need to commit to lugging this big book around the house or wherever you want to take it. It’s under 60 pages and it’s smaller than a piece of printer paper. But it has the potential to pack so much into it! And I like to change up my colors to go with each new color theme. And each month I can change the things I want to focus my energy on… and you can actually do this every week!! So let’s go over some of the pages you’ll find in your Silk + Sonder journal each month.

In the first few pages we have a basic month at a glance calendar, and then mini calendars for the next four months. Then we have a few pages to reflect on how last month went for us. Exciting wins? Upsetting losses? We are going to make note of the here. Then we have an opportunity to set intentions for the coming month… with is something I’m still trying to master. There’s also a monthly habit tracker, for things you know you want to do everyday. This month mine are write in this journal, complete my skin care routine, no to-go or restaurant foods, keep the clothes off my bedroom floor - too bad my man is still not on board with this - and eat more fruits.



A mood tracker and a sleep tracker have their own pages too. And this is a good time to point out that - this journal planner - it’s whatever you need it to be. If there is a page that is not going to benefit you and your goals or your self-reflection, change it! In fact re-purposing pages is even encouraged by the S+S community. Waste not, want not, right? So I cover up my sleep tracker with an activity like Bingo and use the mood tracker to monitor my love hate relationship with red wine.

Then we get a few pages of journaling prompts, a recipe, and a coloring page. After that, we get to our weekly planning layouts. Many of us in the community use these for both planning and tracking. There’s meal plan boxes, to-do list boxes, activity tracker for things we want to do maybe not every day, but only a few days this week, and a physical activity box. After that, we have a two spread that covers your plans or your reflections for each day of that particular week. These pages also have spots to track our water intake and what Meha calls One Thing. One Thing is for either our high of the day, or a special word or quote that resonates with the way our day went, or anything we want. 

Throughout the journal are blank notes page to use however you want. Focused journal entries or freewriting that takes up more than a little bit of space, some other kind of tracker that you come up with that benefits you personally… I’ve added a chore chart to make sure we actually change the sheets each month, and leave no pan uncleaned every night. And mind you, haha, it’s not for me to do these things… I’ve become great at delegating.

And I can’t forget to tell you about the app and events! Aside from the community message board where members support each other and offer tips for utilizing our S+S journals, there are also daily affirmations, different activity-based Bingo cards, and space just your own reflections that you can keep private. The company also hosts zoom based meetups multiple times a month in small groups for setting up the journal for the month, or just for the week, or theme-based workshops. Meha also gives us a guided intention practice we can listen to every day to help us start the day off right.

I have attended a number of these Sonder Socials, as they call them, especially in the first few months. I wanted to get ideas for how to apply each page to my own life. And I can't tell you how much this journal has improved my life since I started. Our house is cleaner and I cook at home more often. I have a better understanding of where my work stress comes from and now have the space to address it and figure out ways to lower it. I remember to date my husband. And I’ve been able to watch the podcast grow and evolve. Being a member has really been a life-changer for me. And I'm sure it will be for you. 

All of the benefits - the spiral journal, the app-based community, the Sonder Socials, it’s all available to you for the cost of the membership. It’s your life. Your self-care time, your goals, your reflections. You decide how involved you want to get in the journal - sticker or no stickers? It’s all you baby! Not sure about the community? No problem! Because really, the journal in and of itself is priceless. When it comes to our self-care, and sometimes it’s actually our sanity, we need something to guide us to self-acceptance and peace, but it also needs to be something that we can adapt to make our own. 

If this is something that you feel is missing in your life, follow the link here in the episode description and check out Silk + Sonder today. You will not be disappointed. As found Meha would say, “Welcome to life you are inspired to live.”